The Nitrogen Logic PC Remote application.
Nitrogen Logic PC Remote can connect to multiple Depth Camera Controllers.
Depth Camera Controller events can trigger commands on a PC.

With the Nitrogen Logic PC Remote application, you can trigger command line actions on a PC based on events from a Depth Camera Controller. You can add multiple controllers to the application by entering their user-assigned host name or IP address, then create triggers that run PC command lines in response to zone-based presence detection.


  • Cross-platform application (tested on Windows and Linux)
  • Works with multiple Depth Camera Controllers, or just one
  • Trigger commands on a PC based on presence detection
  • Trigger based on parameters' true/false value, numeric value or range, or percentage value or range.


Automation system integration
Integrate the Depth Camera Controller with PC-based automation systems that can be controlled by running PC commands, such as iHouse Home Automation.
Media playback
Start an audio or video player when someone walks into a room.


Is Java required?
Yes, a Java Runtime Environment is required, but the Java browser plugin is not. You can disable the Java plugin for security purposes and still run the Nitrogen Logic PC Remote.

Download Nitrogen Logic PC Remote

You can download the Nitrogen Logic PC Remote for free, below. This software may only be used in connection with a Nitrogen Logic controller, to evaluate the software before purchasing a Nitrogen Logic controller, or to learn how to support a Nitrogen Logic controller in another application.

The latest version of Java 6 or Java 7 is required. You may download Java from In line with current best practices, we recommend disabling Java in your browser when possible. You don't need the Java browser plugin to run the Nitrogen Logic PC Remote.

  • Current version: 1.2 – released July 2015
    • Zip archive (Linux, Mac, Windows) – SHA1: d0edf87a39550b95f3a43cbf260f54b55499d5e1
    • Windows installer (Windows XP or later) – SHA1: 3a4283c616e54aa408cc04cb761bd246c6109b59
      Note: some anti-virus software may report "WS.Reputation.1" with the .exe installer.
      This only means that the file is new software, and can safely be ignored in this case.
  • Release Notes:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented all zone updates on newer controllers and/or newer versions of Java.