A Depth Camera Controller.
Perspective view from web interface.
Overhead view from web interface.
What's in the box with a Depth Camera Controller.

The Nitrogen Logic Depth Camera Controller provides a convenient way to use a depth-sensing camera in an automation system. Simply plug a compatible depth camera (such as Microsoft's Kinect, not included) into the controller's USB port, use the controller's web interface to define active zones, and configure your existing automation system to pull data from the controller.


  • HTML5 web interface
  • Network control
  • Multiple trigger zones in 3D space
  • Triggered by presence (no motion required)
  • Support for the xAP protocol (used by HomeSeer, others)
  • View depth-based and full-color images (full color requires a browser with WebGL support)
  • Trigger commands on a PC using the Nitrogen Logic PC Remote.
  • Control Philips Hue lights directly, with no separate automation system required.
  • Web-based documentation


Saving Energy
Automatically turn off lights that aren't needed (when combined with an automation system).
Create the perfect ambiance and impress your friends.
Enhance the lives of movement-restricted individuals by automating light control and other tasks.
Interactive Displays
Use trigger zones to control an interactive display in a museum, trade show, or retail store.
Use to augment an existing security system with 3D position-based triggers, depth maps, and color imagery.


Is a depth camera included?
No, you must buy a depth camera separately.
Can I use more than one camera with a single controller?
Due to the high bandwidth requirements of common depth cameras, each controller supports only one camera.
Does this support voice control?
Not all depth cameras include microphones, and voice control is not supported at this time.
Does this support hand gestures?
The controller is designed for location-specific control, as opposed to being able to control anything from anywhere. You can do basic gestural control of a light by creating a trigger zone next to the light and using that zone's center of gravity.
How do I make this control my lights?
You can use Philips Hue lights directly with a Depth Camera Controller. Otherwise, the Nitrogen Logic Depth Camera Controller provides trigger zone information to a separate automation system, such as a new system using the Nitrogen Logic Automation Controller, or an existing automation system (such as those from Loxone, Crestron, or AMX, or a PC-based system running software like HomeSeer or iHouse Home Automation). Some familiarity with automation systems is required to make the connection.
Could this be any more awesome?
Why yes! We have many plans for additional features. We need to hear from you to know what we should work on next.

Buy Now

Depth Camera Controllers are made to order. Use the contact form to contact us for ordering info, mentioning the Depth Camera Controller in the subject line. There may be a delay of up to 8 weeks (though it's usually closer to 2) for a controller order to be packaged and tested, but quicker arrangements can be made for high-profile, time-sensitive installations.